Seller Rules

ReptiVerse strives to provide a modern, quality experience for both our buyers and our sellers. The following rules are enforced. Failure to follow these rules, as well as our Terms of Service may result in removal of ads, suspension, banning, or other penalties at our discretion. 

The rules for selling are primarily geared towards sellers, while the Terms of Service describes expectations applicable to all users. 

If selling rules are modified or changed,  incidents will be handled on a case by case basis with consideration of the rule changes and/or updates. 

Identity and Accounts: 

A “Seller” is a person or business who uses Reptiverse to advertise and sell their service, goods, and/or animals on our platform. Each seller may create one user account with a username and is used to login to the site. 

A store is an additional element associated with a sellers account, which provides selling features such as a seller profile, permits the creation of ads, etc.  

A seller may create 1 store. 

All stores must have a “store policy” available to buyers. Please see Default Store policy to use our default policy, or to use it as a base for your own.  

Store owner will be held accountable for all activities on the account.

Pro Seller membership store owners must submit a photo ID to claim their verified seller badge. More steps maybe required if the provided ID is not valid or suspicious in any way. 


We expect all sellers to conduct themselves in a professional manner. 

Abusive language will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racial slurs, sexual  slurs, threats, bullying, extortion tactics. Be respectful of one another. 

Sellers will maintain a reasonably consistent flow of communication. 

Inquires should not be ignored. 

Once a buyer has sent money during a transaction the seller should keep consistent open lines of communication through the remainder of the transaction.  

Sellers reserve the right to deny doing business with a buyer. 

While discouraged by ReptiVerse to our buyers, buyers may send “time-wasting” messages. Sellers responses should remain professional, but if time wasting continues, lines of communication do not need to remain open. 

It is not required for inquiries or contact to be made through ReptiVerse. However, communication through our platform can give us a greater ability to help during a dispute or other issue in which we may need to assist. 

Users are not allowed to use the messages system to solicit donations for themselves or any charitable cause without express written permission from Reptiverse


Ad details must be accurate. 

Genetics must be specific and as accurate as possible. Questionable genetics or questionable hets should be clearly listed in the ad as “possible” or “possible het” 

Sex, weight, age must be accurate and as up to date as possible. If an animal is not fully confirmed as a sex but display traits which lean more towards one sex it should be marked as unknown but can be described as “probable male” or “probable female” in the ad description. 

Photos must be of the exact animal offered for sale or should be marked in the ad as using “Representative Photo” 

Unhealthy or deformed animals may not be sold on our site. 

    -ads maybe removed at our discretion of animals that appear to be unhealthy or deformed. 

   -minor cosmetic issues are allowed as long as they are disclosed in the ad. 

An animal can only be listed once by a seller in the market place. This is to prevent 1 person listing 1 animal 50 times to show up more in the listing categories. 

Two different stores shall not list the same animal for sale at the same time. 

The animal must be in the sellers possession when the ad is created. unless you have written permission from ReptiVerse. 

All ads should be appropriately labeled to the correct category. Any ad in the incorrect category is subject to removal. 

Animal IDs are a tool to help sellers keep inventory. Animal IDs are not required to post an Ad. 

You may not list a “fake” price in your ad. this includes: 

      • A low price to increase interest in an ad.
      • A low or high price to indicate “make an offer” or trade. If you are open to offers you should mark the price as negotiable or inquire for price.
      • Unusually high shipping costs are not to be used. 
      • Listing a “down payment”, “deposit” or any other kind of partial payment as the List Price for the ad. The List Price must reflect the full asking price for the animal(s) advertised.

Newley hatched/born animals maybe listed but must be marked as “preestablished”

   Preestablished animals should be confirmed healthy and established before shipping to the buyer unless the buyer comprehends the associated risks and consents to assuming said risks. 

You may not list additional animals or products in your ad listings or in your seller profile. 

 Quantity ads are acceptable under the following conditions: 

     -animals are of the same species and genetic traits and listed in the correct category. 

     -The description must reflect the number of animals available. And must stay up to date as animals are sold. 

     -listing price must be per animal. If selling one sex for a different price than the other the listing price must be the higher of the two prices. The prices of each sex should be listed in the description. Listing prices for quantities purchased in the description is acceptable. 

   – representative photo should be selected but can be photos on the animals available

   -buyer may request individual photos of available animals. 

Group animal sales are allowed under the following conditions:

   -all animals must fall into the same category and listed in the correct category. 

   -the ad must include in either the title or description “Entire Group”

   -The price must be set to the total cost for the group. No individual animal pricing.

   -all genetics must be listed appropriately to each individual animal. 

  • if you are willing to split the group, individual ads for each animal must be made in addition to the group ad. If an individual sells, the group ad must be edited to reflect the changes immediately. 
  • Each individual animal should be listed in the description with its details including sex, age, genetics, etc.
  • If the entire group look basically the same a representative photo maybe used. If they vary in appearance individual photos should be used. If the group is too large to include all photos some examples of the group should be used. Buyer can request individual photos upon inquiry. 

It is the sellers responsibility to ensure their ads are up to date and removed when sold in a timely manner. 



All ads must include at least one applicable photo of the animal for sale.

If multiple photos are used the primary photo shall be of the available animal. Secondary photos can be of the animals parents. If secondary photos are of parents, this shall be disclosed in the ad description. 

All photos used must belong to the seller. 

All ads must show exact animal for sale or a representative photo must be marked. 

Representative photos: 

     must still belong to the seller 

   – must be of the same species and genetics and accurately represent the animal being sold. 

   – no represntative photo maybe be used unless it is clearly marked in the ad so it is clearly obvious to the buyer the animal pictured may not be the exact animal they are inquiring about. 

Watermarks and/or logos maybe present in the photos, however the main focus should be of the animal being listed. 

Photos of animals feeding are not allowed in the ad. 

Unprofessional photos or ad listings maybe removed at our discretion.  


Responsible Shipping Practices are expected. Sellers are responsible for knowing and following proper shipping procedures 

Live reptiles or amphibians can only be shipped by sellers using an overnight service in the US or animal transport carrier.

All venomous sales must be shipped via Delta Cargo or a carrier service must be used. 

It is the sellers responsibility to know and adhere to the shipping laws and requirements for the animal(s) being sold.

Shipping should only take place when it is safe for the animal(s) to do so. This includes appropriate weather. 

If seller delays shipping for any reason, this should be communicated to the buyer. 


Access to a users profile maybe granted to the Seller on behalf of the buyer for the sole purpose of conducting business on ReptiVerse.

You are not permitted to use this information in any other way than responding to their inquiry and conducting a business transaction. Seller shall not share this information publicly or privately with anyone else. 


Seller will abide by ReptiVerse’s minimum ethical standard as described here. 


Venomous sales shall be conducted only to qualifying buyers who are legally able to keep venomous animals. 

ReptiVerse offers users a Venomous Verification Profile that can be seen only by sellers. If a Buyer has this profile it means they have submitted to us: 

A valid ID to confirm identity 

Their address 

Their states specific laws and regulations 

A copy of their venomous keeper permit (where applicable) 

And thier experience working with and/or venomous. 

Venomous Verification does not guarantee sale to buyer. It is up to the sellers discretion to conduct business with each individual.  Venomous Verification is a prescreening to gather required information to aide venomous sellers in business to help ensure individuals are legal, qualified, responsible keepers.

You can view a keepers Venomous Verification by going to (ie:

Laws and Disputes

    • By using this website you are agreeing to our Terms of Service, including that you are at least 18 years of age.
    • All users of this website are responsible for knowing and following all applicable laws within their federal, state, and local jurisdictions with regards to the purchasing, transporting, shipping, and keeping of animals. Sellers are additionally responsible for laws pertaining to collecting, breeding, and selling.
      • Including, but not limited to, the Lacey Act.
    • We expect sellers to respond quickly to problems reported by their customers and to fairly resolve them.
    • Sellers are responsible for delivering services according to their own clearly defined Store Policy.
    • ReptiVerse is not liable for anything that happens as a result of any buying, selling, or advertising you perform in this marketplace. You do so at your own risk.