Code of Ethics

ReptiVerse is committed to responsible, safe, and legal keeping of animals to ensure the safety of keepers, sellers, the general public as well as the health and well being of the animals. We require ALL users to commit and adhere to this code of ethics: 

Keepers agree to be educated and understand the needs to provide for the health and well-being of the animal(s)

Keepers agree to only acquiring animal(s) in which they are able to appropriately and responsibly care for. 

Keepers agree to only house animals in clean, well constructed enclosures, of the appropriate size or larger. 

Keepers agree to regularly maintain animal enclosure(s) including but not limited to: maintaining cleanliness, ensuring appropriate temperatures and humidity is maintained, fresh clean water is available to the animal, etc. 

Keepers agree to be aware of the lifespan of the animal and be committed to caring for the animal. 

Keepers agree to be aware of the adult size of an animal and be committed to the appropriate care, requirements and housing of the animal as an adult. 

Keepers agree that the health and well being of the animal shall be paramount. 

Keepers agree that public safety, local environmental integrity, and safety of the keeper are critical considerations in keeping animals. 

Keepers agree to not, under any circumstances, release non-native species into the wild. 

Keepers agree to research, understand and full abide by any and all local, state, federal or international laws in regard to the keeping of animals. This includes but is not limited to the Lacey act. 

Keepers of venomous animals agree to doing so in a safe, responsible and legal manner. Including but not limited to obtaining and maintaining appropriate permits where required, knowing your limitations, having appropriate bite protocols, emergency plans, legacy arrangements in place, etc. 

Sellers agree to make reasonable efforts to ensure the buyer has the ability to responsibly care for the animal, especially large constrictors, venomous, crocodilians, large monitors, and those others with greater needs. 

Sellers agree to responsible shipping and transportation procedures. 

Sellers of Venomous animals agree to only ship venomous animals legally via Delta Cargo or use a third party transportation service for venomous species. 

ReptiVerse suppports USARK, while not required, we strongly  encourage any reptile and exotic keeper to consider joining USARK.